5 Ways to Earn Money From Instagram in India

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In today’s time, we all want to earn money sitting at home very easily, for this you will have to do some very easy work due to which your Instagram will now earn money and give it to you, so let us know how. You can make money from Instagram,

One thing you probably know is that Instagram never gives money to anyone, but there are many ways through which you can earn your income,

5 Ways to Make Money From Instagram in India

To earn money from Instagram, we will tell you 5 ways through which you can earn very good income from Instagram,

1. Affiliate Marketing to earn money from Instagram

To make money with affiliate marketing, you need to be a part of high-paying affiliate programs that allow you to add affiliate links to your Instagram posts, earning you a commission for each successful sale.

Consider joining affiliate networks like Shareasale, Clickbank, Awin, and Impact to find these programs. Alternatively, you can search individual company websites or explore different affiliate programs that suit your niche.

Instagram’s solid userbase makes it a great platform for promoting affiliate links. No matter how many followers you have, you can add an affiliate link to your Instagram bio.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important ways to make money through Instagram, providing you with the ability to earn consistent and substantial income over time.

Now, some people may not be familiar with Affiliate marketing. It is an online method where big companies promote their products through others. These individuals, known as affiliates, earn a percentage of commission for each sale, but without the need to physically sell anything.

For example, let’s say you have a store but you don’t want to sell directly. In that case, you can collaborate with someone who will display your products in their store, and get a commission whenever there is a sale through their store. These intermediaries are known as affiliate marketers, and you can become an affiliate marketer by joining various affiliate programs.

You can join the affiliate program of Amazon, Flipkart and many other companies for free. Once you become a part of an affiliate program, you can extract links to related products from your Instagram content and share them on your profile. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

The more products you sell, the more money you will make. You don’t have to worry about handling the products or providing warranty; All this is taken care of by the company. Your focus is solely on increasing sales and earning commission.

2. Sell Physical and Digital Products

In recent years, Instagram has turned into a strong sales generator for e-commerce brands. People now use Instagram to discover and buy products, prompting the platform to introduce features like in-app checkout, shop buttons, product tags, and shoppable stickers to streamline the shopping process.

Square Online is a new tool that lets you sell products directly from Instagram. This tool seamlessly takes posts from your feed and converts them into a fully functional and shoppable website in just three steps:

  • Connect your Instagram account to Square.
  • Tag the items you want to sell in your Instagram posts.
  • Click “Publish” to launch your own website.

Selling products through Instagram alone can be challenging, so it’s a good idea to have a dedicated website. Square Online’s new tool makes this process incredibly easy.

You can get started with Square Online for free, the only thing to consider is transaction fees. Upgrading to a paid plan allows you to create a website with your custom domain.

If you’re considering other options, you can choose an e-commerce platform or website builder to launch an e-commerce website and then use Instagram as a second marketing channel.

For newcomers, starting a dropshipping business is also an option, which allows you to sell products without the hassle of shipping or handling returns.

Three popular platforms designed specifically for selling digital products are Etsy, Gumroad, and Instamojo.

  1. Etsy:
    Etsy is a famous marketplace that serves artists, crafters, and creators of all types. It is an excellent platform to showcase and sell your digital products, such as digital prints, printables, eBooks, templates and more.
  2. Gumroad:
    Gumroad is a powerful platform specially designed for creators to sell their digital products directly to their audience. Whether you’re an artist, writer, musician, or entrepreneur, Gumroad allows you to sell ebooks, music, software, courses, and any other digital content you create.
  3. Instamojo:
    If you live in India, Instamojo is an excellent platform to sell digital products online. It caters to the needs of individuals and small businesses, providing a straightforward way to create and manage an online store. Instamojo allows you to sell a wide range of digital products including e-books, music, software, graphics, and more. Additionally, it offers features like payment gateway integration, automated delivery of digital products, and detailed analytics to track your sales performance.

3. Publish Sponsored Posts

Influencer marketing is on the rise: 92% of individuals trust word-of-mouth recommendations. 76% of people say they are more likely to trust content shared by ordinary people than brands. 82% of customers want referrals from friends before making a purchase decision.

Simply put, people look for peer recommendations. So it’s no surprise that more and more brands are reaching out to influencers to promote their brands.

As an influencer, you can share your knowledge and expertise with other content creators to help them build their audiences.

Brands, small businesses, and individuals looking to optimize their online presence on Instagram are always looking for Instagram Consultants.

As Instagram Consultants, you can charge $15-$50 per hour. More experienced Instagram consultants typically charge between $50 and $100 per hour. As the platform grows in size, there will be an increasing need for consultants as most creators are unaware of how to make money from Instagram in India.

4. Instagram Reels Bonus

Instagram Reels, the newly launched feature, allows you to easily upload short videos that can go viral faster than photo posts. With this powerful tool, you can gather a large number of followers on your Instagram just by posting one reel daily, opening up the possibility of earning substantial money. As soon as you upload videos to Instagram, the platform follows its rules by placing ads on these reels.

Although the current earnings from these ads are attributed to Instagram, it is possible that in the future, a system similar to YouTube’s Google AdSense may emerge. Just like people make money on YouTube by displaying Google AdSense ads on their videos, Instagram could offer a similar monetization method.

Even if ad revenue isn’t available to you right now, there are many other ways to make money through Instagram Reels. Methods like affiliate marketing, refer and earn, sponsorship, barter collaboration, paid stories/paid posts and selling online courses can be used to generate income from your Instagram reels.

5. Brand Collaboration

Sponsored posts work well on Instagram. But most companies want to establish long-term relationships with influencers. Therefore they look for brand ambassadors who can promote the company in a positive manner on a regular basis.

Because Instagram is the best platform for influencer marketing. This is a great place for users to find brand ambassador programs and collaborate with companies to promote their products. Big brands also often send free products to influencers so they can review and promote them.

Most brand ambassadors sign agreements with brands to promote their products. To get better results, brands need to find an influencer who has a targeted audience. The standard salary for a brand ambassador is somewhere in the range of $40-50,000.

Micro-influencers in a specific niche are often more valuable to brands than major celebrities because they have a more engaged audience.


As a content creator on Instagram, you must follow the platform content monetization policies to be eligible to monetize. If you are unfamiliar with the rules, please take your time to read and understand them thoroughly. Ultimately as an Instagrammer, how you can earn depends entirely on how well you can engage your audience.

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