Apple Is Going To Make Big Changes In iPhone 16: Lets See What Changes

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As we all know, iPhone is known for its powerful camera, excellent performance, big battery life. All these are being prepared to take even better.

It is expected that Apple is preparing to bring iPhone 16 by September this year. Some big changes can be seen in iPhone 16.

According to a report, iPhone 16 will come with design changes, better display, powerful processor, best cameras and big battery life.

While Apple is currently basking in the success of iPhone 15, which it launched just a few months ago, tech enthusiasts are already eager to know what is going to happen next. Rumors and leaks about the next generation iPhone 16 are everywhere, pointing to the possible upgrades and specifications of the upcoming new generation iPhones. As usual, Apple is preparing to bring iPhone 16 by September or December this year.

According to various rumors and leaks, this year’s iPhone 16 may feature main camera improvements and other advancements as well as integrated AI features with iOS 18.


One of the most rumoured upgrades in the iPhone 16 series is its design. Leaked prototypes suggest that Apple may move away from the triple camera layout seen in previous models, adding 3G and virtual reality technologies to the iPhone. Additionally, the introduction of a new capture button is expected to boost camera functionality, while the action button, which was first introduced in the iPhone 15 Pro variants, is likely to become a standard feature across all models.


There is not much change expected in the iPhone 16 display, he said that the display can be made even bigger. We can see a 6.3-inch screen in the iPhone 16 Pro and a larger 6.9-inch display in the Pro Max variant. Apple is working on its display to make it even better such as micro-lens technology for OLED devices.

Processor and Connectivity:

Powering the iPhone 16 lineup could be the popular A17 chip, potentially with variations like the A17 Pro for premium models. These chips are expected to improve thermal management and battery technology, improving the performance and security of the new generation of devices as well as electronics. Additionally, there are reports about improvements in 5G, with the integration of the fan-favorite X75 modem chip expected to deliver faster speeds and more reliable performance. Connectivity will be enhanced with Wi-Fi 7 technology, which is expected to lead to better performance.

Camera and Battery Life:

iPhones 16 have great news for photo lovers, the camera quality in it is likely to be very good, this news will be very much liked by selfie lovers and photo lovers. Photography enthusiasts have reason to be excited with the rumored upgrade to the iPhone 16 Pro model. These enhancements include a 48MP Ultra Wide Lens and a 5x optical zoom tetraprism camera, which aim to enhance image quality. Additionally, battery life is expected to be improved by a new stacked battery design, which offers faster charging speeds and longer usage duration, ensuring users will be able to last all day.


The iPhone 16 series is expected to debut with iOS 18, speculated to be unveiled during WWDC 2024. The new operating system is said to bring several improvements and features, including advanced AI-powered features. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new features will include smart interactions with Siri and Messages, which are expected to provide a more intuitive and seamless user experience. In addition, improvements in microphone technology and signal-to-noise ratio promise to enhance audio quality, further enhancing the overall usability of the devices.

iPhone 16 Launch Date and Price

As usual, Apple usually unveils its new iPhones in September, with availability starting soon after. While pricing details of the iPhone 16 lineup are unknown, rumours suggest a possible price hike over its predecessors. A $179 hike is being speculated, in line with Apple’s strategy of offering premium pricing for its flagship devices. For Indian consumers, this could translate to an increase of around Rs 15,000 over previous models, reflecting global pricing trends.