How to Get a Personal Loan via Paisa Bazaar: Eligibility, Documents and Interest Rates

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We all need money for various kinds of work. Now when we do not have that money or we need more money, then we take loans from others for that. Now in today’s time there are so many options for taking and giving loans that you can apply for it sitting at home. This means that you will get the option of taking loans from many types of banks sitting at home.

Now a website which is very famous in today’s time is Paisa Bazaar. Everyone knows it in today’s time and its advertisements are also seen a lot. Many people have been given loans of crores through Paisabazaar and almost all the banks are registered under it. This means that Paisabazaar website is a very big website under which almost all the big banks work to give loans.

Now if you also want a personal loan from Paisabazaar, then how can you apply for it, what is the interest rate on it, what is the maximum loan amount you can get and what are the other conditions for it, today we will try to tell you about it in this article. So let us know how to take a personal loan from Paisabazaar and what is its process.

How to Get a Personal Loan via Paisa Bazaar?

A person takes loans to fulfill his various needs, such as vehicle loan, education loan, home loan, etc. Now, among all these, personal loan is a loan that a person takes for his personal needs and for this he does not need to tell anyone why he is going to take this loan. That is why this loan is known as personal loan.

Now almost every bank and institution gives personal loans but if you want a personal loan from Paisa Bazaar then its process is very simple. Not only this, here you will get to know about different types of schemes and their interest rates based on different banks. In a way, Paisa Bazaar website or company works to restrict all these and give you loan accordingly.

The best thing is that you do not have to mortgage anything to get a personal loan from Paisa Bazaar and in this way it becomes a completely secured loan for you. Everyone wants this in today’s time because many banks or other financial institutions provide personal loans to people only in the name of mortgaging something or the other. In such a situation, no such demand will be made from you by Paisabazaar, but it also depends on you to a great extent.

This means that how is your credit score, what is your income, what work you do, and how did you repay the old loans etc. So this can also play a helpful and decisive role in getting a personal loan from Paisabazaar. Now if you have to apply for a personal loan from Paisa Bazaar, then for that you have to follow a prescribed procedure, but before that it is right to know about some important things.

Maximum Personal Loan Amount from Paisabazaar

Now if you go to take a personal loan from Paisa Bazaar, you can get money only up to a maximum amount. Under this, you can take a minimum loan of any amount but the maximum amount limit is kept at Rs 40 lakh. This means that to take a personal loan from Paisa Bazaar, you can request a maximum of Rs 40 lakh and for an amount above this, you will have to make a special request with them.

In today’s time, the needs of personal loan can be different for many people and we would not like to go into that but the amount of Rs 40 lakh is very large. Still, if you want a personal loan of more than this, then you will have to go directly to the bank and there too, the chances of you getting a personal loan of a large amount are less. However, you can also request Paisa Bazaar to give you a personal loan of an amount higher than this.

Required Eligibility for Paisa bazaar Personal Loan

Youngsters and applicants who want to take personal loan from Paisa bazaar will have to apply online. But to apply for Paisabazaar Personal Loan online, you will have to fulfill some eligibility which is as follows-

  • The age of the applicant should be between 18 years to 60 years.
  • The monthly salary of the salaried person should be at least ₹ 15000 or more.
  • To apply for Paisa bazaar Personal Loan online, the applicant’s CIBIL SCORE should be 750 or more.

In this way, only after fulfilling all the conditions mentioned above, you can apply for a personal loan from Paisa Bazaar. However, even after this, it is not certain that you will get the loan because it will depend on your situation and other factors at that time.

Personal Loan Interest Rate at Paisa Bazaar

The amount of personal loan matters to all of us but the interest charged on it matters more than that. Many people first try to know what is the interest rate of the place from where they are applying for a personal loan. In such a situation, if this interest rate is high, then they think of taking a personal loan from somewhere else.

So if you are going to take a personal loan from Paisa Bazaar, then the interest rate there is currently kept at 10.49 percent. However, you can get a personal loan at a lower interest rate than this in some banks and at a higher interest rate in some banks. Here you should also keep in mind that how much this interest rate will be, it also depends on you. As we told you above, what percentage of interest will be charged from you is decided by keeping in mind many things like your income, field of work, credit score etc.

Required Documents for Paisa bazaar Personal Loan

If you want to know the complete process of taking Paisa bazaar Personal Loan, then you can easily get direct loan in your accepted account with attractive offers. But before that, you have to keep the necessary documents ready to apply for Paisa bazaar Personal Loan, which are as follows –

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Salary Slip
  • Bank Statement
  • Mobile
  • Number Email ID etc.

By filling all the documents mentioned above, you can easily apply for Paisa bazaar Personal Loan.


So in this way through this article you have learned how to take a personal loan from Paisa Bazaar. Also, we told you what is the maximum amount, interest rate, required documents and required eligibility etc. to take a personal loan from Paisa Bazaar. Hope you have got the information you came to this article to get. Still, if you have any doubts left in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting below.

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