How to Start Dropshipping Business: How to make money from dropshipping

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Friends, in today’s time many people keep thinking of doing online business and you too must have thought about online business, then you must have heard about Drop shipping business at some point of time, so in today’s post we will talk about Drop shipping business. We are going to know about “What is drop shipping business..?” And how to earn money from drop shipping? We will try to learn step by step about all the things related to Drop shipping business. So friends, stay together till the end.

Drop shipping business is a very easy business nowadays because almost everyone has internet and smartphone. Now no one wants to take the trouble of going to the market and buying goods from the shop like before. And in today’s modern lifestyle where the youth becomes so busy in their jobs that they want to get even the smallest things online sitting at home. Even in single families, couples are so busy in their respective jobs that they do not get time to run around in the market. That is why most people prefer online shopping. Taking advantage of this, people earn a good amount by doing Drop shipping business.

What is drop Shipping Business

Friends, Drop shipping business is nothing but a type of business model related to online marketing. Because friends, in this you do not have to do anything else except online marketing. You have to do online marketing of the products or services of any third party company on your e-commerce website or on your social media platforms. In a way, when you market the products of any company on your social media platforms or online in any way and when those products are sold, then that company gives you money in the form of some commission on those products. So this whole process is done in this way in which neither you have to sell any products directly to anyone nor you need to invest huge capital. You can earn a good amount of money through Drop shipping business model by promoting any products or services online sitting at home.

How Drop Shipping Business Works

Friends, if we talk about how Drop shipping business works, then it works on a very basic model which is as follows.

  • You upload a particular product of a company on your website or social media.
  • Customers visit your website and social media.
  • If the customer likes any product then he places the order.
  • After placing the order, the company itself does everything till the delivery of the order.
  • And when the delivery is done, you get an amount from the company as commission.

What should be done before starting drop shipping business?

If you want to start Drop shipping business, then for this you should create a world class e-commerce website. This website should be widely publicized. And if you are active on social media and you have a large number of followers, who trust you completely and can listen to you, then you can do this business easily. But for this you should promote your business among your supporters, favored friends, customers, neighbors and relatives.

To start Drop shipping business, you need an e-commerce website. This will be your online store. Before creating your website, you will have to get a domain name. One thing you have to pay attention to is that your domain name should be similar to the products you sell or the name of the product should be associated with it. Also, this name should be such that everyone can remember it easily.

How to Start a Drop shipping Business?

Follow these seven steps to create a successful drop shipping business:

  • Choose a business niche. Figure out what products to sell and what market to focus on.
  • Find a drop shipping supplier. Pick a trustworthy supplier that provides products in your niche.
  • Design the brand identity. Create a name, logo, and color palette that suits your business and target audience.
  • Build an online store. Choose a hosting provider and a platform to make your website with – WordPress or website builder.
  • Register the business. Decide on a legal business structure and get the necessary licenses to run your online store.
  • Take care of the finances. Set up a business bank account and factor in the taxes and fees you should pay when deciding on pricing.
  • Promote the online store. Drive traffic and sales to your website with SEO, ads, social media, and more.

What is the role of supplier?

For drop shipping business you will need a good wholesale supplier. After finding a good wholesale supplier for Drop shipping business, you should create your good website. This website should be user friendly. An e-store should be created for the goods sold on this website only. This page should be very attractive. Because the dropshipping businessman neither buys any goods nor does he have any warehouse, shop or showroom. After taking the order, the seller talks to the supplier and sends the order to the supplier. The supplier then supplies the ordered goods to the customer.

Some special things for Drop shipping

In Drop shipping business you do not need any kind of inventory or stock of goods.

In drop shipping, you are a retailer. You do not have the responsibility of delivering any order to the customer, rather the order is delivered to the customer by the supplier.

  • In drop shipping business, you have to pay shipping charges to the supplier and sometimes the supplier already adds the shipping charges on the item and tells the final rate.
  • In drop shipping, the product you list on the e-commerce website and is being sold by you, you are not the owner of that product.
  • A drop shipping businessman should maintain very good relations and dealings with the suppliers because only he can make his business shine.
  • To make your place among your customers, you should show only those items in the e-store of your website which can be supplied and which are available in sufficient quantity with your supplier.

Keep some important things in mind while choosing a supplier:

A good supplier has some special identity. Only the supplier who meets all those criteria should be made your supplier. Some of these special things should be like this..

  • Supply in the market must be certified
  • lowest charge and lowest rate taker
  • Must take special care of customers
  • There should be more focus on product quality
  • must be honest and hardworking
  • Return policy should be good. Do not dispute the return of goods if the customer does not like the goods.
  • Many suppliers should be contacted from one market. So that if one supplier does not have the goods, the order can be sent to another.

How long does it take to make money drop shipping?

Drop shipping can be an easy way to make money, but it depends on various factors like your marketing efforts, product selection. While some drop shipping can start selling in just a few days, others may take weeks or months to see any significant results.


The drop shipping model is a great way to start an online business without managing an inventory – making it suitable for people with less experience and budget.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about a drop shipping business and how to start one. If you have any questions or tips, feel free to comment below.

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