OLA E-Scooter Patented Removable Battery: Ola Electric May Soon Introduce in Future

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OLA Electric Bikes New Design Uncover includes patented designs of several E-Bikes. Currently, the company is selling six Electric Scooters. A model with removable battery has also been presented in these designs, which can be seen in the market in future.

This type of battery has been patented for use in electric vehicles. In the expansion of this event, such batteries will be used in Ola Electric Rickshaws along with two-wheelers.

Seeing this trust of its customers, the company is also doing new things in its electric scooters. Recently, the company has decided to provide swappable battery feature in its electric scooters.

OLA E-Scooter with Patented Removable Battery

After getting the design patent of the new electric bikes, there is a discussion on the presentation of a special removable battery in these designs. According to internet sources, the electric battery will be used in a suitable electric vehicle.

Work is also being done on electric rickshaws in these vehicles. To improve efficiency, further preparations have been made for the future market with the design of the battery of these vehicles. The Etergo scooter, on which the Ola S1 is based, had removable batteries.

Apart from OLA Electric Vehicle, only the Hero-owned Vida brand has presented V1 models with removable battery. TVS, Bajaj and Ather also do not have such removable battery in their existing products.

Efforts are being made to use these removable batteries by adding them to three-wheelers and cars as well. Due to such an arrangement, it will be easy to work on the utility of the battery and it will also be easy for this company to present it in future vehicles.

Demand will increase with Ola Swappable Battery

There are many electric scooters in India in which we get to see removable batteries. But the country’s largest company Ola did not provide this feature in its scooters. But now the company has filed a new patent

In this, it has shown a cylinder shaped battery which can be replaced. However, Ola has not yet used the swappable battery technology and it has no place in the scooters currently being sold. That is why if they get this patent, then we will get to see this technology in the upcoming electric scooters.

However, the company has not made any official statement on this new feature. But looking at the future, Ola will also introduce swappable batteries.

Ola has a strong plan for the future

Ola can do a lot with its swappable battery technology. The company plans to move beyond electric scooters and manufacture three-wheelers, electric cars and bikes very soon.

Their electric bikes can come to the market by 2025. The plan is to bring the electric car before 2030. If the company is successful in all these plans, then very soon we will get to see a new king in the electric segment.

By installing a removable battery, the company wants to make charging easier for people. Currently, people have to find charging points and stations to charge their scooters. People who live in flats face more problems because they are unable to find a charging point. They need a long charging cable and there is also a risk of charger theft. Removable battery can be the solution to all these problems.

Ola has hyper charge facility in cities, but there is only one point where charging multiple scooters at the same time is not easy. The company has made hyper charging free, so there is a lot of crowd here. Whereas the removable battery can be taken out of the scooter and charged anywhere in the house or office, which also saves your time.

Ola company has the world’s largest cell production factory and it is likely that OLA can produce removable batteries in its own plant. Currently, Vida 1 is the only scooter in the market that competes with OLA and comes with a removable battery. Whereas TVS, Bajaj, Ather are providing fixed batteries in scooters.


When OLA acquired Dutch startup Etergo, it re-engineered the scooter a lot and removed the battery setup. Expanding on the idea of ​​a removable battery, they may have added it to the new design.

Now that OLA has strengthened its position in India, it is planning to offer better battery utility to provide options with its innovation in these products.

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