Pros and Cons of Dropshipping in 2024: Special Tips to Increase the Number of Customers

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What is drop shipping business

Drop shipping business is nothing but a type of business model related to online marketing. Because friends, in this you do not have to do anything else except online marketing. You have to do online marketing of the products or services of any third party company on your e-commerce website or on your social media platforms. In a way, when you market the products of any company on your social media platforms or online in any way and when those products are sold, then that company gives you money in the form of some commission on those products. So this whole process is done in this way in which neither you have to sell any products directly to anyone nor you need to invest huge capital. You can earn a good amount of money through Drop shipping business model by promoting any products or services online sitting at home.

Pros of Dropshipping Business:

This business model is very simple and attractive in which you do not have to bear any kind of warehousing cost and also you do not need to buy inventory.

  • does not have to arrange a warehouse or shop
  • You don’t even need to buy inventory
  • You do not even need to do any kind of packaging.
  • you can do it anytime anywhere

Dropshipping Business Growth

In traditional retail setup you have to do double work when double orders come, but in drop shipping business you do not need to do big work related to processing orders. From order place to order delivery, all the work is done by the company itself. And this business model is such that you need to deliver products to people as per their needs, friends, and due to this the growth of Drop shipping business can be very fast.

Special tips to increase the number of customers

Those doing drop shipping business should take such measures along with marketing their business so that the number of customers can increase and supply orders can be received from more and more people.

  • Check your website daily and closely monitor the traffic coming to it. Try to see how many new customers have come and what was their demand. Where and through whose efforts are these new customers coming? They are coming from your own efforts or from marketing or you have got publicity done through paid platforms of social media. Special attention will have to be paid to the means by which new customers are coming.
  • Always keep in touch with your customers and keep sending them greetings from time to time. In this you can take help of Facebook. Where their date of birth, marriage date and activities related to their family are visible. If you keep sending greetings to your customers on all such special occasions, they will love you even more.
  • You will also have to keep complete accounts of your old customers. Your old customers are staying with you or moving away from you. If you are moving away then what are the reasons for this? If you understand any reason then try to remove it.
  • You need to respond to customer questions quickly on your website. The effort should be that your customer is completely satisfied with your answer.

Cons of Drop Shipping Business:

Friends, you all know that where there is profit, we also see losses. Same is the case in dropshipping business too, friends.

  • Low margin

Friends, one disadvantage in drop setting business idea is that nowadays competition is increasing in dropshipping business also, due to some reason the margin in dropping is decreasing because of all e-commerce. Starting drop shipping business has become very easy nowadays, hence it has less overhead cost and time. Along with this, drop shipping business is also becoming the favorite business of the people, hence, with time, the margin in it is also increasing.

  • Inventory Issues

Friends, because you do not stock any type of products in this business, because you do not know the quality of the products, then you are able to know about the products so well and with this you can track the products, which products and for how much time. If it is being delivered in India, then you have to be well informed about these inventory related issues.

  • Shipping problems

If you work with suppliers who are all connected with different courier partners. This will increase shipping costs, and make it difficult for you to keep track of your orders.

Suppose a customer places an order for two items, and the items are available with different deliveries. You’ll incur different shipping costs, and you’ll also have to track both orders separately.

How many dropshipping businesses are successful?

Although there are no official figures, some industry experts estimate that only about 10-15% of Drop shipping businesses are successful. However, the problem is not with the Drop shipping business model, but with how most people view it in the wrong way – “It’s a get-rich-quick scheme” and people recklessly dive into it without doing their research. Are.


In the end, we can conclude that Dropshipping is not the perfect business model, yet it is a stress-free way to start and run a business. But like every other business, it requires hard work. This business model also has some advantages and disadvantages. But, with some planning and thought, you can solve all the hurdles and take your business to new heights and even make good money.

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