What to do to Prevent iPhone from Overheating: Tips to Prevent iPhone Overheating

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These days, having an iPhone in hand has become a status symbol. There is a huge craze for iPhone especially in India. But sometimes iPhone starts overheating. If you are also facing the problem of overheating of iPhone, then today we will tell you what to do to protect iPhone from overheating? Let’s start –

What is overheating?

Friends, first let us know what is iPhone overheating. If we believe the company that manufactures iPhone, Apple, then iPhone is designed to work in a temperature between 0 degrees to 35 degrees. If the iPhone crosses this temperature limit, then it gets overheated.

In which conditions Iphones get overheat?

Friends, let us now know in which situations the iPhone overheats? These situations are as follows-

  • In case of extreme heat:

Friends, these days the heat is intense. The common man is troubled by this, but let us tell you that heat not only affects humans but also electronic items. iPhone starts heating up rapidly due to continuous use in the summer season.

  • Exposure to direct sunlight:

Friends, if your iPhone is exposed to direct sunlight, it starts overheating rapidly. This causes many problems in the phone.

  • Due to phone not being updated:

Friends, very few people know that if the iPhone is not updated regularly then it also plays a big role in overheating the phone.

  • By charging the phone with the cover:

Many people put a cover on their phone to protect it, but this causes the iPhone to overheat quickly while charging it in the summer.

  • By using the phone while it is charging:

If you use your phone while it is charging, it is dangerous. Actually, this makes your phone heat up very fast. Many people think this is normal, but it is not so.

  • Continuous use of the phone:

Friends, this is a very common problem. Many users talk on the phone and then start playing games. In this way, the phone heats up very quickly due to continuous use of the phone.

What problems an iphone face due to overheating?

Friends, let us tell you that overheating causes many problems in the device. The problem of overheating of iPhone can damage the device. Let us know in brief what damage is caused to the iPhone due to overheating –

  • Battery life may decrease due to overheating.
  • The battery may swell, which may damage the display.
  • The iPhone’s charging may also stop.
  • There may be a short circuit in the motherboard.

What to do to keep phone safe from overheat?

Friends, let us now know those suggestions, by adopting which we can save our phone from overheating. These are as follows-

  • Check the battery health and change it:

Friends, in iPhone you can see your battery health. If it falls below 70-80 percent, then immediately replace the phone’s battery. This will protect your iPhone from overheating.

  • Do not charge the battery fully, remove it beforehand:

Friends, if you are in a hurry to charge your phone 100% then don’t do it. Remove it from charging beforehand. Also remember to charge the battery before it gets completely exhausted. Many people have this habit of using their phone till the battery charge becomes nil.

  • Charge the phone by removing the cover:

If you are charging your phone, remove the phone’s cover before charging it. This will prevent the phone from overheating.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode in low signal areas:

Friends, if you are in a low signal area then turn on Airplane Mode in iPhone. This will help you in protecting your iPhone from overheating.

  • Protect your iPhone from sunlight and heat:

Friends, to protect your iPhone from overheating, you must first keep your iPhone away from direct sunlight. Also try to protect the phone from heat. Keep it in a place in the house where sunlight does not fall directly.

  • Don’t keep your iPhone continuously using:

Friends, do not use your Apple iPhone continuously. Give it some rest. Although you should keep this advice in mind in every season. But especially avoid using the phone continuously in hot weather.


Friends, in this post we have given you information about what to do to protect your iPhone from overheating? Hope this information will prove useful for you. If you want more such informative posts from us, then you can tell us by commenting in the comment box given below. Thank you.

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