10 Tips Google Core Update March 2024 Solution

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Now a core update of Google has come on March 5, 2024. You all know that all the bloggers or those who run websites on WordPress know that this is the biggest update of Google and this was also said by Google. That this is our biggest update till date and this update will be rolled out in 1 month which is going to have a huge impact on all the websites. What will happen in this is that whichever website is correct and original, Google will leave it, otherwise everyone will have to worry about it. will damage

Because you all must have read the Google Update, then you must have seen that it is written in it that any website that uploads copied content will be removed or if someone has created a website with an expired domain and has uploaded the website using its backlink. If it has been deleted, it will be removed. Many such things have been added in this update, but friends, if your website is also down in this update, then there is no need to panic, you can get your website up by doing some solutions.

 Google Core Update Solution

You all know that algorithm works inside Google and Google brings updates according to the algorithm, no matter what time of the year it brings updates, come according to the algorithm because it makes changes and updates accordingly. comes with

And if we talk about Google Update March 2024, the same has been done in it too, changes have been made in the algorithm and Spam strategy so that high quality content is given priority and the search results are made good. Attention has been paid to this.

Because (Low-Quality Content) was appearing very much in Google search, hence such a big step has been taken by Google so that the user gets good content and purity is given to high quality content and where is it going that this update of Google is such a big update. that it has caused a tsunami

Today the traffic of lakhs of websites has become zero because many websites were created which had low quality content or no content at all or there was spam content which was coming in a lot of searches and the user was not getting good results. Therefore, this step has been taken keeping the user in mind.

If we talk about earlier major updates, then Google Florida Search Update was released in November 2003, Google Panda Search Update was released in February 2011 and Google Penguin Search Update was released in April 2012 which created a stir.

And Google brings all these updates so that high quality content gets good priority, users get good results and only those websites which have good content remain in the search engine.

Which websites will benefit and which will suffer from the core update?

Many websites will benefit from this update and many websites will also suffer loss. The websites that have good and original content and useful content for the visitors will benefit and they have not added any kind of copy content. Those who have inserted any spam link or content will benefit and that website will go up and those websites which have inserted copied content will suffer loss. Google Core Update Solution

Either you have purchased an expired domain or have written spam content or have inserted spam links inside the website. That website is going to be zero but the website which has good content will definitely go down once but will recover soon.

10 Tips Google March 2024 Update Solution

Now it comes to the question of what should be the solution for this update, what can be the solution for the website which has now become zero, then let us tell you that in a month this update will be completely rolled out and it will be confirmed that your website will be completely functional. Will it remain zero or will it recover?

If your website recovers within a month, then it is a great thing, otherwise friends, if there is going to be a problem in it, then friends can now do some solutions so that even if your website has become zero, it can still recover.

  1. First of all, you should check how much content is copied on your website. If your content is more than 50% copy then you should update that content and create an accurate and original content i.e. create 95% accurate content so that the website can be recovered. There should be of chance.
  2. Update all the old posts on the website as well as the articles you have written and add some new content inside them.
  3. Make 2 to 3 new posts every day on the website and there should be completely new content inside those posts, there should be original content, there should not be any kind of spam link and there should be good content.
  4. If you have created your own backlinks before the website and those people and the website above those backlinks are not working and the website is also closed, then you can remove all those backlinks, for this you can use any of your plugins, there are many plugins. You will get it.
  5. If you have copied someone’s content, then you should delete that content.
  6. If you have created your website on any type of expired domain and are bringing traffic to your website using its backlink, then do not use expired domain because now Google will zero out all of them.
  7. Now the content that you are putting inside your website should not be exactly the same. All types of posts or articles should be different because on many websites, all types of content were put in one format due to which that website you It has become zero.
  8. Maintain the speed of your website so that your website opens at full speed and visitors can easily access your website.
  9. Do not change the theme and server of your website frequently and keep your website on the same good server and customize the same theme well and keep it on your website so that your website will remain stable in the eyes of Google and your website recovery. There will be more chances of this happening.
  10. So you can recover your website by following these tips. If your website has gone to zero within this update, then the chances of recovery will be more and your website can be recovered.