How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Features for Your Website

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To run any website online, web hosting is required. Therefore, you must have knowledge that which web hosting is best. To rank your website on Google and make it visible to users, you need hosting or server.

Without hosting or server, your website will not be visible on the internet. Due to this your website will not be able to rank on Google. Apart from this, people will not get information about your website. Therefore, first of all you need to know the answers to countless questions like Choose the Best Web Hosting Features for Your Website.

In this article you will get answers to all these questions and hopefully these will be useful for you, let us know.

Before purchasing any web hosting, you need to know about all its features, like hosting type, hosting company, hosting plan, etc. Let us know, what are some essential features of web hosting? The essential features of web hosting are as follows-

Top 6 Web Hosting Features List

  • Bandwidth
  • Up time
  • Storage
  • E-mail
  • Backup
  • Customer support

1. Band Width

Users should take special care of bandwidth. If the bandwidth of your hosting is low or high, then it can also affect the speed of your website. We get information about the amount of data transferred by a user in a certain time interval only through bandwidth.

If the bandwidth of your hosting is high, more than one user can easily access data from your website. Band Width is the first point in our Web Hosting Features List.

2. Up-Time

Up time refers to the availability of your website for users. This is a key feature for any good web hosting service provider. Most web hosting providers provide guaranteed up time.

3. Storage

A web hosting server can also be useful to you when it has enough space to store all types of data of your websites as per your requirement. Thus, it can be said that the future of your website depends on how much space the web hosting server used by you is providing you.

4. E-Mail

If you want to create a custom e-mail address for your website or business, then it becomes important for you to know about the facility of e-mail hosting in web hosting.

With the e-mail hosting facility, apart from sending and receiving e-mails, you will also get the facility of virus and spam filter, address book calendar, etc.

5. Backup

Hosting service provider is a kind of system in which there is often a possibility of data loss and there is a risk of countless hacking on your website. Backup is very important in web hosting features list

This also increases the possibility of your data or files getting deleted. In such a situation, it is necessary for you to have a backup. Therefore, while purchasing web hosting service, you should choose a company which provides you the facility of total backup.

6. Customer Support

Before choosing web hosting for yourself, you need to find out, how much technical support you can get from the concerned web hosting, if you call the helpline, what kind of response you get, what is your response time. Is?

Do you have access to live chat? It is very important to know whether the hosting provider has features like forums, tutorial articles, etc. Customer Support, Web Hosting Features List are the last ones in our list.

What is the work of web hosting?

Web hosting has the following functions-

  • Web hosting is mainly a platform that provides the arrangement to upload your website on the internet.
  • You are charged monthly fees for this facility.
  • All the data related to your website like HTML pages, Images, Videos, articles, etc. is stored in your hosting server.
  • Web hosting server provides the facility to the users visiting your website to access the data stored in your hosting.

What is the difference between Web Hosting & Domain?

If we talk about domain name and web hosting- Web Hosting Kya Hai, then we will find that both are completely different from each other. Despite being separated from each other, both are incomplete without each other. Both are made for each other. Let us know, what is the difference between web hosting and domain name-

  • The web address of your website on the Internet is the domain name. But the place where all the data of your website is stored is called web hosting server.
  • Domain name is the identity of your website on the internet, but all the data of your website is stored on web hosting. If the hosting server does not store the data of your website, then your website will be of no use.
  • Overall, if the domain name is your shop, then the place to keep the content inside it is web hosting. Therefore, your shop cannot run without both.


Thus, through this article, we have answered many questions like Web Hosting Features List for any website, why web hosting is needed, what is web hosting server, what is web hosting, web hosting, Types of web hosting, etc. Have tried.

Actually it can be said, it is very essential to choose a good hosting timely based on the requirement. This plays an important role in taking your business forward in the right direction.