Now Air Taxi Will Fly In India: Electricity air taxi will reach Gurugram from Delhi in just 7 minutes!

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In today’s modern era, some new invention is being made every day, so that human life can be made easier. At present, the process of bringing Bullet Train in India is going on by the government so that the travel of people can be made easier than before. But now in the meantime Electric Air Taxi is about to start in India.

If we talk about the population of India, then more than 140 crore people live in our country India, due to which many people face a lot of trouble in traffic. If people have to travel some distance by train, it takes them many days and many hours to complete their journey.

Therefore, to correct this thing, Electric Air Taxi is going to be started in India which will reduce your travel time a lot. But what is this Electric Air Taxi? You are going to read complete information about this in this article today, so let’s start.

What is Electric Air Taxi?

Electricity Air Taxi: You would be able to recognize it from its name itself that it will be a taxi which will fly in the air with the help of electricity and with its help you will be able to complete your commuting journey. With the help of electric air taxi, you will be able to complete the journey which used to take several hours in just a few minutes.

The biggest advantage of this air taxi will be that there will be no problem of excessive traffic jams etc. on the road and it will also help us in reducing pollution. Many companies have come together to make this Electric Air Taxi and its trials have also been conducted in many countries.

Electric Air Taxi will Fly in India

Just as trials of electric air taxi have also been done in many other countries, now this air taxi is yet to be launched there. Similarly, now Electric Air Taxi is going to be launched in our country India too and soon all the Indians will be able to complete their near and far journeys in Air Taxi.

Recently, Indigo’s parent company InterGlobe Enterprises (IGE) has partnered with America’s famous Electric Air Taxi company Archer Aviation. In which both the companies together want to start electric air taxi service within India by the year 2026. Let us also tell you that to take this plan forward, both the companies have signed an MOU so that air taxi service can be started in India as soon as possible.

The journey from Delhi to Gurugram will be completed in just 7 minutes.

On starting air taxi in India, both the companies say that it will benefit every Indian a lot and they will be able to complete any of their journey quickly. Currently, it takes 1 to 2 hours to reach Gurugram from Delhi, but with the help of this Electricity Air Taxi, you will be able to complete the journey from Delhi to Gurugram in just 7 minutes.

Similarly, you can complete the journey to many other cities in just a few minutes with the help of air taxi. Initially, the facility of Electric Air Taxi will be started in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. Apart from this, air taxi can also be used for many other things.

According to the company’s report, 4 people will easily be able to travel together in this air taxi. So now you just wait till 2026, very soon you will get a chance to travel in Bharat Air Taxi.

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