Top 4 Easy Ways to Make Money from Instagram in 2024

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Hello friends, you must have read, seen and learned about many ways to earn money sitting at home online, but do you know about how to earn money from Instagram.

Many people know about this method and earn a lot of money from it, but in this post I am going to tell you the complete method of how a new user can earn money from Instagram App on mobile.

This post is for those people who have recently created Instagram pages or want to create Instagram pages and want to earn some money from it.

There are millions of users on Instagram but even 10% of them are not able to earn money by using Instagram App properly, they just send messages and post photos and reel and waste their time.

But if you upload the same photos and videos in the way I have told you, then you can earn lakhs of rupees per month from Instagram. This may sound like a joke to some people but it is not a joke.

If you do a little research, you will believe my words, so if you also want to know how to earn money from Instagram, then read this post completely. It gives complete information about all the ways to earn money on Instagram.

How to earn money from Instagram

To earn money from Instagram, you must have heard that people often say that you should have good followers, but let us tell you one thing that you do not need too many followers. If you have 100 or 200 followers then you can earn money from that and many people are also earning money.

Therefore, we are going to tell you about some ways with the help of which you can earn good money from Instagram.

1. How to Earn Money from Instagram by Promoting Brand

There are different ways to sell the brand of any company, such as you can promote the product or brand of any company through Infographics, videos, images and earn money because there are many ways in the market. Such brands are available

Those who look for people to promote their product, who can promote their product in a better way, but for this you must have a specific account of Instagram and whatever brand of product you want to sell, in that niche. But if you post regularly

And if you promote it, it gives you an opportunity to do Brand Sponsorship and with its help you sell the product of that brand, in return for which you earn money.

2. Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

Friends, if you want to earn Rs 30000-40000 per month from Affiliate marketing, then you will have to join any Affiliate Program. Below I am telling you the names of some companies running Affiliate Programs.

Such as: Amazon Associates, Flipkart Affiliate, meesho, clickbank, Leads Guru, Reseller Club, BigRock Affiliate. If you want, you can join any one Affiliate Program or Multiple Affiliate Program.

And you can promote their product on Instagram, like you do through YouTube and blog.

So that if someone likes your product, he will buy that product. And the commission that the company will give you in return. This is your real income.

3. Earn Money by Doing Influencer Marketing

In today’s time, Influencer marketing is also increasing rapidly and people’s mind is moving towards it because any company is definitely taking the help of Influencer marketing to promote any product, then in such a situation you can become an Influencer marketer. You can promote the product of any company by becoming

And in return you can charge any amount from that company but for this your User/base should be good and you should have good followers. Marketing works well when people believe in you.

To promote any product, you must have knowledge of social media platforms, you must have at least knowledge about Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing.

4. Earn Money from Instagram by doing Collaboration

When you all become a creator with the help of Instagram, then new creators who currently have followers on Instagram will contact you to make collaboration videos. You have to make a video with them and they can charge you in return.

If you have 10 thousand or more followers on Instagram then you can charge 50 to 100 dollars for a collaboration video, whereas if you have million followers then you can charge more. It means that the more followers you have, the more money you can earn from collaboration videos.


Friends, I hope that you would have found this information very interesting and this information will also be very useful for you. Today I shared with you how to earn money from Instagram? How many more ways are there to earn money from Instagram? And also told how to earn money by creating reels on Instagram?

If you like this information, then you can share this post on your friends, and in future also we will keep sharing such new earning related information with you.